Julia Fellrath, PhD

Post-doctoral researcher


I am a postdoc researcher at MySpace Lab. My current research focuses on the electrophysiological correlates of the peripersonal space representation. I use HD-EEG and virtual reality in different populations (heathy subjects, stroke patients suffering from hemispatial neglect) and in various conditions (emotional contexts, sleep, visuo-spatial trainings).
Before joining MySpace Lab, I worked as a postdoc researcher in Prof. Jason Mattingley’s Lab at the Queensland Brain Institute (Australia), thanks to an SNSF grant (“EarlyPostdoc.Mobility” fellowship, 2016-2018). My SNSF research project aimed to study the causal role of functional connectivity networks for visual perception by combining transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) and HD-EEG. I completed my PhD with Prof. Radek Ptak at the Cognitive Neurorehabilition Lab of the HUG, in Geneva. I worked also as clinical neuropsychologist (CHUV, HUG, Institution de Lavigny).



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