Giulio Mastria, M.D.

PhD student



I studied medicine at the Sapienza University (Rome, Italy), where I’ve done an internship in the Neurocritical Care Unit and the Headache Research Centre of Umberto I Hospital. During my thesis I used tDCS, a neuromodulation technique, for the treatment of refractory chronic migraine and bipolar disorder. I also studied complex visual and bodily image disturbances as a consequence of migraine aura.

I have joined the MySpace lab in May 2018 as a PhD student, where I’m currently involved in research projects that use fMRI to evaluate the relationship between superior cognitive function and multisensory body representation and its plasticity in amputees.


Mastria G., Mancini V., Viganò A. & di Piero V. (2016) Alice in wonderland Syndrome: A Clinical and Pathophysiological Review BioMed Research International

Mancini V., Mastria G., Frantellizzi V. et al., (In press) Aripiprazole-triggered Alice In Wonderland Syndrome episodes studied with 99mTc-HMPAO brain SPECT European Neurology