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MUSE is back!

Dear all,

It is with great excitement that we at the MUSE committee announce that MUSE is back. Yes indeed, and it’s so shiny and new that you will love it even more than you ever did before! Most of you may already know what MUSE is – if that is your case, just scroll down the page to get to where we actually discuss how this new MUSE works, because things have changed quite a bit.

For the new students to the department, here is what MUSE is: this acronym stands for Magazine for UNIL Students of English. To say it bluntly, MUSE Magazine is a journal from the students for the students (and, of course, staff). The magazine was founded in 2008 and very quickly turned into one of the most beloved activities of the English department – however, lack of time made it impossible to publish it during the 2013-14 academic year. We would like to present our sincerest apologies to those we have let down last year, but rest assured that we are now definitely back and cannot wait to get our new MUSE started!

Like in the past issues of MUSE, we want it to be a place where the students can share their views on whatever they wish. Therefore, you will find here articles that are directly related to the department, such as interviews with teachers and assistants or articles about what is happening in the department and the university, but also book reviews, as well as music, films and TV shows reviews. MUSE is also a place for creativity, and we accept all pieces of creative writing, be it poetry or prose (or something else, if you feel adventurous). Anyway, we are open to pretty much everything, so if you have an idea, do not hesitate and tell us what it is – we would love to read what wonderful ideas you have got in store for us!

What has changed is how MUSE works. As the oldest in the department surely remember, the magazine used to be print only. We have nevertheless decided to change this, given the importance that the Internet has taken in our daily lives and the flexibility that it allows. Consequently, MUSE will be made of both web issues and print issues, because we could just not resign ourselves to leaving that crafty piece of work behind. The frequency of our issues will be of two or three web issues to one print issue, which is most likely to be published during Spring terms: we will use this “special” issue to show you different things from the web issues, and to organize some contests for you guys to win some good stuff from our partners!

Regarding the website, it allows you to browse either by categories (including literature, music, interviews, etc.) or issues, thanks to the menu on your left, while the latest issue’s articles will be featured at the top of the home page (you will soon see what this looks like, and we promise it is marvellous!).

Now that all of you know what MUSE is, let us get to the core of the matter: we need you! Our first web issue is to be published on the last week of October. If you are interested and would like to publish something for this very first issue, please let us know by using our contact form or directly writing at muse.unil[at] (replacing the [at] by an actual @). We will very soon get in touch with you to organize a meeting with the whole team and discuss the deadlines and the different articles.

We cannot wait to hear from you and hope you are as excited about this new MUSE as we are! Together, we will make it great.

Lots of love,

The MUSE committee: Corinne, Jonathan and Rebecca

P.S.: Should you have any comment about the website or anything, please, use our contact form and tell us everything. Moreover, do not forget to like our Facebook page!