The Mercurialis genome

Come here for updates on our current effort to sequence the Mercurialis annua diploid genome!

First public release of genome assembly expected for Fall 2014.

A working draft assembly (version 1.3.) is available here to network members (password protected).

Assembly strategy: A male specimen was used to produce ca. 57 Gb of sequence data, corresponding to 50 Gb of Illumina paired end reads with insert sizes of 250-500 bp, 5 Gb of Illumina mate pair reads with an insert size of 5 kb, and ca. 2 Gb of PacBio sequence data, in total achieving 90x coverage. De novo genome assembly was conducted using SOAP2. The use of the PacBio long reads and different gap closer software allowed assembling about 80% of Mercurialis annua genome. The male assembly was complemented by more shallow sequencing of two females and several transcriptomes.