Full exome capture experiment

A new full-exome capture assay (ca. 48 Mbp of sequence) has been designed and will be used for sequencing of 48 Mercurialis accessions in the framework of a Senior Marie Curie Project by Dr. Santiago C. González-Martínez. This assay covers the over one hundred thousand exons found in the M. annua diploid genome and were identified using state-of-the-art bioinformatics by postdoc Kate Ridou. The assay is also intended to sequence sex-linked regions and random non-coding portions of the Mercurialis genome. The 48 accessions that will be sequenced with this assay have been collected from both ancestral and colonization-front of the species (see map below). Deep sequencing of these materials would allow to determine the genetic make-up of colonization-front populations in diploid Mercurialis annua.


The 48 accessions included in the M. annua gene capture experiment