Hormones & Cytokines

Hormone assays using the Bioplex from Luminex


The Bioplex allows the simultaneous analysis of numerous analytes in small sample volumes (30ul of plasma, cell culture supernatant). The Bioplex is an open system compatible with both commercial and proprietary reagents based on the fluorescent beads of Luminex (www.luminexcorp.com). The four main families of applications are nucleic acid assays, enzyme assays, receptor-ligand interactions and immunoassays. Commercial immunoassay applications include cell biology, hormones and metabolic markers in several species. The MEF uses the latest generation of kits with magnetic beads.

The MEF performs various assays on plasma or culture media using commercial immunoassay kits with “on demand” combinations of hundreds of analytes to measure cytokines, hormones or metabolic markers in mice, rat, human, porcine, cats, dogs or primates.

Service conditions

Upon request, a feasibility report and a quote are provided for “on demand” multiplex assays (76 samples per kit).

Sample collection. It is absolutely necessary to systematically contact us for information concerning the sample nature and collection procedure BEFORE SAMPLING, as the procedure will vary according to the analytes of interest.

Number of samples per assay. Each customized commercial kit is used in its entirety and must be paid in full. It allows assaying 76 samples or 38 samples in duplicate. Usually, assays can be performed in single if biological duplicates are available in sufficient number or during exploratory phases. Accurate measurements of small differences will require duplicate analyses (intra-assay CV = 3-15%, inter-assay CV = 2-20%, depending on assays).

Fee policy. The Bioplex is a reliable and widely-tried system. However, incompatible samples (hyperlipemic, hemolyzed or viscous) can occasionally lead to aberrant results. Also, the MEF cannot be held responsible for aberrant or out-of-range readings in a particular sample set. In order to keep prices low, the MEF does not include a “re-assay risk” for each analysis, but charges re-assays on a case-by-case basis.

Price: Please contact us.

Experimental Planning

Please contact us at least 15 days in advance to discuss the blood sampling procedure and our availability to perform the analyses.

  • Sample preparation should be performed according to our guidelines.
  • Nature of the samples: Please contact us before collecting samples.
  • Sample volume 30ul for single assays and 75ul for duplicate assays. For assays in conditioned cell culture supernatants, please provide 15ml of fresh culture media.
  • Sample labeling. Tubes should be clearly labeled with easy codes (e.g. numbers #1-100) using permanent markers. Please include a list with detailed information about the nature and the number of samples.

Analysis request

Please contact Gilles.Willemin@unil.ch before collecting samples . After discussion, please fill in the Analysis request form and deliver the form along with the samples.



Results are delivered by email as Excel files or as prints with all useful information.