Research Diets

Here below is a (non exhaustive) list of rodent research diet manufacturers of interest for Swiss researchers, as well as information on the importation procedures, and a few tips on how to select a research diet.

Research Diet Manufacturers

Here below is a list of research diet manufactureres both in and outside Switzerland. Importation of diets containing animal products (as many special diets do) will require the application for an importation permit. Before ordering from companies outside Switzerland,

  1. Each Institute must apply for a general importation permit (Demande d’octroi d’un permis d’importation général, download here) to be obtained from Réservesuisse. Once obtained, it is unlimited in time.
  2. For each new shipment, researchers must fill an Application form 09/20 for importing animal products directly from third countries (download here) and send it to the Federal Veterinary Office by fax: 031 / 323 85 22 or by email: Approval takes a couple to a few days.

Provimi Kliba Nafag (Switzerland)

A provider of the chow (cereal-based) diet used for breeding and maintenance in several animal facilities in the lemanic area, Kliba Nafag also produces on-demand experimental diets based on cereal-based diets and/or purified ingredients (see their website). Kliba Nafag also on-demand supplements diets with test compounds.

Research Diets, Inc. (USA)

Research Diets, Inc. is the world leading manufacturer of custom, purified diets. In adition to the current catalog that includes diet for all usual applications, Research Diets on-demand manufactures novel diet formula from purified ingredients, or supplements any diet in its catalog with test compounds (see their website).

Harlan Teklad (USA, European distribution)

Harland Teklad, another world leading manufacturer of both natural and purified, custom diets, is distributed via a European network. Harlan also provides a vast array of research rodent models and research services (see their website).

SAFE (France)

Scientific Animal Food and Engineering (SAFE) is another internationally recognized manufacturer of both natural and purified, custom diets, based in France (see their website).

Which Research diet?

Please contact us for discussions on which diet to choose for a specific project.