Users survey and MEF feedback

In first semester of 2013, an anonymous survey was sent to researchers that had used MEF’s services over the period 2007-2013. Among the +50 users contacted, 31 replied while most nonresponders had actually moved by the time of the survey. Results of the survey (independently collected and processed by the Centre de Soutien à l’Enseignement (CSE) of UNIL) are summarized under Summary of User Survey. In brief:

Overall asessment: Services offered by the MEF seem to very well meet users expectations (over 90% of agreement on specific questions).

Expectations are met regarding:

  • The competence, availability, flexibility, professionalism, nice contact and the will to help of the supervisor and the team in general (15 comments and 100% agreement to questions).
  • Advice and support provided by the supervisor, adapted to users needs, for the development of experimental protocols or the interpretation of results and their exploitation (12 comments, 90% – 100% agreement to questions).
  • The swift execution of experiments and delivery of results (8 comments and more than 90% agreement to question).

Expectations not fully met:

  • Some users would like the team to be expanded to increase its availability(4 reviews).
  • Some users would like the space to be expanded at MEF, an issue seen as a limiting factor for proposed services (4 comments).


The MEF staff has undergone the following developments.

  • Expansion of Space at MEF: Although the surface of MEF rooms has not changed, heavy works were performed at MEF during Summer 2013 to separate housing from experimentation spaces and optimize expperimentation space. As a result, both animal welfare, housing space and room functionality / bench space were all greatly increased. Those changes were very well received by users.
  • Expansion of MEF team: The MEF staff is currently studying strategies to increase the workforce at MEF by hiring a part-time technician in early 2014.
  • Communication with users. The MEF staff takes users opinion very seriously. In order to increase the communication with users, the MEF staff is proud to present its brand new MEF website. It has been updated and fully revised to improve users browsing experience. Users can now stay stuned by suscribing to MEF’s Newsletter (a few posts per year). Users are also welcome to make suggestions for developments and / or improvements.

The MEF staff looks forward to hearing from you soon.


the MEF staff.