The Mouse Metabolic Evaluation Facility (MEF) of the FBM proposes to the research community a wide repertoire of in vivo analyses in mice models of obesity/diabetes. Support to users varies on demand from a single analysis, to a full commitment from experimental design to data generation and manuscript writing. Techniques are implemented / customized as needed. The MEF also teaches some techniques and proposes scientific support as a ressource for specialized protocols, experimental design, and for scientific discussions in the fields of obesity and diabetes.

The platform occupies four dedicated laboratories in the building of the Centre Intégratif de Génomique (CIG) at UniL, on the Dorigny site, Lausanne.

Applicants should read the Guidelines and Policies, before contacting Dr Frédéric Preitner (Frederic.Preitner@unil.ch) for metabolic studies, or Mr Gilles Willemin (Gilles.Willemin@unil.ch) for blood analyses.