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What you bring to potential employers: identifying your skills for job applications and talking about them in an interview.

PhDs and postdocs are highly trained and able to adapt to a wide variety of situations, in research and beyond it. Indeed, studies continue to show that more than two-thirds of PhDs build careers outside the university. While the academic career track puts a strong focus on publications and research outcomes in their recruitment criteria, opportunities with employers on alternative career paths demand abilities beyond pure scientific expertise.
In addition to the scientific expertise PhDs and postdocs develop, the tasks and responsibilities they have during and after the doctorate provides for valuable experience and skills that
interest employers.
In this seminar-workshop you’ll learn how to identify your strengths in diverse transferable skills common to the PhD, what recruiters outside of academia look for in a candidate’s profile, and how PhDs and postdocs can present their experience in ways that respond to employers’ expectations.

Trainer: Verity Elston
Director of Portfolio Formation Sàrl and of the CUSO program in transferable skills, Verity Elston has broad professional experience in the private and public sectors in several countries, including in middle- and high-level recruitment. A graduate of the National University of Ireland and the University of Chicago, she holds a PhD in Anthropology, the FSEA certificate in adult training, and is currently working towards her IFC certificate in coaching.

This 90-minute workshop is limited to 20 participants, doctoral candidates or postdocs in the Life Sciences.


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