How to get to the conference venue (Amphipôle 342):

All sessions (except otherwise noted) will be held in room 342 of the Amphipôle building, on campus. Please find directions below. An interactive map of the campus is also available on the UNIL website.

From the M1 station UNIL-Sorges

To reach room “Amphipôle 342” from the UNIL-Sorges station, the easiest way is to head towards the building “Amphimax” ahead of you, and walk around it by taking the stairs on the right of the building. Once you’ve passed Amphimax, turn left, and follow the alley until you reach the main entrance of the Amphipôle building, on your left.

Once inside, head straight and climb the short flight of stairs in front of you. Room 342 will be situated in front of you, slightly on the right-hand side.

How to get to campus Restaurants from the conference venue

The main cafeteria and restaurant on campus are situated in the Unithèque building. To get there, head out of the Amphipôle through its main entrance, take a left, and follow the main path. Keep walking straight, first passing in front of a building on your right (Biophore). At the first cross-section, head straight through the small forest, until you reach a fork. Take the left path, which will lead you directly to the Unithèque building.

The first main entrance, below concrete stairs, is the cafeteria. Slightly further is the entrance to the Restaurant de Dorigny, where an area will be reserved for our group. More info on lunch options by clicking here.