How to get there

Get to Lausanne

Aerial view overhead Lausanne

Aerial view overhead Lausanne

By plane: the nearest airport from Lausanne is Geneva airport. It is recommended to book flights to Geneva but it is also possible to land in Zurich, Basel-Mulhouse or Bern (which implies a longer and more expensive train trip to Lausanne).

By train: if you travel from a European country, it is possible to get to Lausanne by train. You will find more information on the SBB railway company website.

By car: car trips to Lausanne are possible, but parking is usually not free. It is highly recommended to inform your hotel if you plan to come by car.

From Geneva airport to Lausanne

Lausanne is 60 kilometres away from Geneva airport. There are three possibilities to get to Lausanne:


Train station at Geneva airport

Train: it is the most practical and money-saving option. It takes 45 to 54 minutes and costs CHF 27. The train station is located on the ground floor of the airport: after leaving baggage reclaim, take a left. Timetables are available on the SBB website.

Taxi: a taxi station is located at the exit of the airport. Lausanne is a 45 to 60 minute drive from Geneva airport, which would cost approximately CHF 200. You can use a price estimator on TaxiProxi.

Car rental: different car rental companies are available at the airport. You can check their prices and options on their websites.

Get to the conference venue

The ISSR conference is hosted by the University of Lausanne and will be held on its campus in the Anthropole building. There are different ways to get there.

By public transportation from the city centre: take the metro (M1) at the Flon station and get off at UNIL-Dorigny/Chamberonne station. Cross the railway and walk pass the trees. The building is just behind them.

The M1 timetable is available on the Transport Lausannois (TL) website. A one-way ticket costs CHF 3.60.

Map public transportation to UNIL

Map of Public Transportation (TL): M1 railways in blue and stations in green.

By public transportation from Geneva airport: take the InterRegio train from Geneva airport to Lausanne but get off at Renens station. Then take the metro (M1) gate 1 to Flon and get off at UNIL-Dorigny/Chamberonne station. Cross the railway and walk past the trees. The building is just behind them.

By car: parking is available on campus but is not free. We highly recommend using public transportation.

Get around in the campus

Map of the campus, showing the conference building, metro station, cafeterias and events places.

Get around in Lausanne


TL bus on the Grand-Pont in Lausanne

Most of the inhabitants of Lausanne use public transportation (Transports Lausannois), either buses or metros (M1, M2). Tickets (zone 1 and 2) are valid for one hour and cost CHF 3.60. Machines are located at each bus or metro station. You can also buy a 10 ticket pre-paid card called “Grand Lausanne”.

Lausanne is a city built on three hills connected by three bridges, so it is difficult (but not impossible) to bike.

If you want to rent a car, it is possible to use Car Sharing Mobility or to rent a car at EnzoLocation, Sixt, Aloc-Cars, and Avis, among others. The Local Committee does not take any responsibility for car rentals found using these companies.