Restaurants & cafeterias

During the conference, beverages (coffee, tea) and snacks will be provided for the morning and afternoon breaks. We provide you with some suggestions to help you find cafeterias or restaurants:

On campus


Terrace at the Unithèque

On the campus of the University of Lausanne, you will find several cafeterias and one restaurant serving food, beverages and snacks.

Click here to check the menus.

Check the map to see the main buildings.

Off campus

Several restaurants are located near the campus, reachable by metro or on foot: Bistrot du Petit Port, Débarcadère, Skipper and Auberge de Saint Sulpice (check the map below).

In the city centre


View from the Brasserie de Montbenon

You will find many restaurants in the city centre offering a wide variety of atmospheres and varied menus. For example, you can try the Brasserie de Montbenon and its bucolic surroundings, the Istanbul with its delicious oriental dishes, the Café des Avenues with its relaxed atmosphere, the unmissable brunches at the TOM Café in the Olympic Museum, or enjoy some tapas at the charming Enning Café.

Other suggestions

Other restaurants are suggested on the map below or on different food websites such as La Fourchette or trip advisor.