The overall project is organized around four main entities: The executive committee of the research consortium, the leadership teams of the individual work packages, the international scientific advisory board, and the institutional supervisory board. The agreed roles and responsibilities and composition of each of these entities are as follows:

  • Executive committee of the research consortium. The executive committee of the research consortium coordinates all research and management activities of the project. It consists of the responsible grantee, all other grantees, the members of the Swiss research team (Gabriela Flores, Owen O’Donnell and Fabrice Kämpfen) and three international advisors (Jinkook Lee, Hans-Peter Kohler and Daniel Bennett).
  • Leadership teams of the individual work packages. Day-to-day research and project management activities at the work package level are coordinated by the work package leadership teams. The leadership teams of each work package consist of one grantee, one researchers from the country and Swiss teams and international advisors. The initial work package leadership teams are constituted as follows (in alphabetical order):
  • International scientific advisory board. The scientific advisory board consists of international researchers with expertise relevant to the overall research project and its work packages. It provides advice to the executive committee and the work package leadership teams as requested.