User interface

MyUNIL uses unified ergonomic principles to enable the user to always access functions and informations in an efficient and simplified way.

Here are the basic principles of the new ergonomics (here with the Agenda application):


1.   User space and identity
The UNIL logo is located at the top left of each page. Access to user-related informations is positioned at the avatar level. By clicking on his avatar, a drop-down list allows to access his personal informations and to log out.


2.   Search and Help
The search engine is positioned at the top right of each page. A drop-down list is used to filter the results. Links provide access to the transverse pages: give advice, help and contact.

3.  Navigation: Features and Tools
The navigation is present on all pages. It is constructed as a pictogram + entitled. It consists of 2 main parts: one user oriented (left), the other  UNIL oriented (right).


The filter / action / display bar lets you act on the contents of pages by means of actions, filters, or multiple display possibilities, see a combination of these features.

Filtre des résultats
Filtre des résultats dans l’application “Quoi de neuf?
La navigation
Système de navigation dans l'application
Filter results in the application “What’s new?”

The action buttons on the right are used to launch an action in each application in the tool in use, such as adding an event for the Calendar tool or adding a publication in the Serval tool.

Actions de l'application
Actions in the application


Selfie and Avatars of the user profile

The profile of all users can be set using a “Selfy” photo or  at least an “Avatar” selected from all the possibilities below. People outside the UNIL (provider, partner, press, etc.) are identified by a neutral gray avatar. UNIL staff and professors can choose, in addition to the available avatars, a neutral blue avatar.


Avatars in the application “What’s new ?”