In order to to show and discuss a phenomenon, a transcription with line numbers and speakers identification can be useful. IMPACT makes transcription easy.


User can d’import an already-available transcription or d’export the transcription in a formatted Word document.

Example 1: students are trained to transcribe a media that they recorded or that the teacher uploaded.

Example 2: students work on an existing corpus (media + transcriptions).

Example 3: researchers work collaboratively on the transcription of a shared database.

In practice

There are three columns in the transcription space:

  1. the white column is for automatic lines numbering. It can be disabled.
  2. the light gray column is for the identification of speakers (three symbols max). For example, « A », « B » « C »… or « JER », « CYR », « JUL »…
  3. the dark gray column is for the speech.

Edit the transcript