Transcribing is rarely an end in itself; the transcription is more often a way to exemplify a theoretical point or describe a phenomenon. The issue for the teachers as well as for the students is therefore to closely link the comments with the media and the transcription.

Transcrire, j'aime!
In IMPACT there are two text boxes whose title are editable and which are designed to write and display comments. The interface thus allows to build thematic units where theory and practice are tied together.

Example 1: The teacher exemplify the theory by displaying an analysis of the transcript.

Example 2: The student submit an assignement where an analysis of a transcribed audio or video source is provided.

Example 3: The researcher contextualize a transcribed extract by giving some ethnographic observations.

In practice

Two text boxes are available: formatting (e.g. fonts, links) is possible and titles are editable. The section « Attachments » allows to upload and share a file (e.g. a graph, a PDF, an image).