Program of the 12th ICEMLNI

List of speakers


Wednesday, July 15 
18:00-18:15Welcome address by the Unil chancellor
18:15-19:45Introduction by Maya Burger & Nadia Cattoni
Session 1Chair: Maya Burger
18:45-19:45Purushottam Agrawal, Looking for Vernacular Modernity: Reading ‘Dadu Janam-Lila’ by Jan Gopal
Tyler Williams, 'God's account book': Bhakti and merchant religiosity in northwestern India
From 20:00Reception party
Thursday, July 16 
Session 2Chair: Imre Bangha
09:00-10:30Monika Horstmann, Sant Yoga: Mohan Mevāṛau’s Śrī Svāmī Dādūjī kau Ādibodhasiddhāntagrantha
Minyu Zhang, The Making of Kabīr's Rasa: A case study of North Indian bhakti intellectual history
Galina Rousseva-Sokolova, Female voices and gender construction in North Indian sant poetry
10:30-11:00Coffee break
Session 2 (cont.)Chair: Tyler Williams
11:00-12:30Dalpat Rajpurohit, Poetics of Sant: Dadupanthi Sundardas and his metrical discourse
Francesca Orsini, Sant orature and poetics
Susanne Kempe-Weber, The Sabadavāṇī and Its Relation to the Gorakhavāṇī
Session 2 (cont.)Chair: Jaroslav Strnad
14:00-15:00Daniel Gold, Hindi sants for middle-caste devotees: two eighteenth-century ideals
Vasudha Paramasivan, Royals and Rasiks in the Ram Rasikavali
15:00-15:30Coffee break
Session 3Chair: Monika Horstmann
15:30-17:00Raman P. Sinha, Iconography of Tulsidas
Teiji Sakata, Lithographed Rāmcaritmānas published in A.D. 1869
Hiroko Nagasaki, Metrical style of Tulsidas
17:00-18:00Poster session
Chhaya Chaubey, Bhaktmaal ka samajik sanskritik awdaan (The Socio-Cultural Contribution of Bhaktamaal)
Zoë High, Seeking the Enchanted: Sufism and Yoga in Jān Kavi's "Kathā-Rūpamañjarī"
Whitney Kelting, Tracing Gujaratiness in Modern Jaimism through Early Modern and Modern
Gujarati Narrative Retellings of Nemi and Rajul
Gulfishan Khan, Tabaqat-i-Shahjahani: Assessing the Historical Value of Indo-Persian biographical literature (tazkira)
Christine Marrewa-Karwoski, Under Erasure: The Attempted Expunction of the Kāfir Bodh and the Avali Silūka from the modern Nāth canon
Nora Melnikova, Mīrā Bāī or Miroslava?
Jyoti Sharma
Friday, July 17 
Session 4Chair: Allison Busch
09:00-10:30Blain Auer, From the Mufarriḥ al-qulūb to the Akhlāq-i Hindī: Translation and the Literary Life of
Wisdom in the Hitopadeśa
Corinne Lefèvre, Mughal Early Modernity as Reflected in Advice Literature
Arthur Dudney, Teaching Persian in Late Seventeenth-Century India
10:30-11:00Coffee break
Session 5Chair: Francesca Orsini
Usman Hamid, Making a Gift Suitable: Rhetorical Strategies in ʿAbd al-Ḥaqq Dihlawī’s Risālah-i Nūrīyah-i Sulṭānīyah
Simon Leese, Imagining India and the canon of Arabic poetry in al-Yamanī al-Shirwānī's Ḥadīqat al-afraḥ
li-izālat al-atrāḥ
Shankar Nair, Domesticating the Gods and Goddesses? Early Modern Muslim Strategies for Rendering the Hindu “Devas” in Persian Literature
Session 6Chair: Blain Auer
14:00-15:30Marc Tiefenauer, Upanikhat-i garbha: a Mughal translation into Persian of a small Sanskrit treatise of embryology
Michal Hasson, Laila’s Lotus Eyes: The Love Story of Laila and Majnun in Dakani
Daniel Majchrowicz, Imagining the Deccan in Early Urdu Poetry
15:30-16:00Coffee break
Session 7Chair: John Cort
16:00-17:00William R. Pinch, Where was the Battle of Ajaigarh? Ballad and History in late 18th-century Bundelkhand
Sonal Singh, Revisiting the Third Battle of Panipat (1761)
From 17:00Boat trip and dinner
Saturday, July 18 
Session 8Chair: Nadia Cattoni
09:00-10:30Jack Hawley, When Blindness Makes for Sight
Heidi Pauwels, The Dynamics of Pre-Modern Poetic Interchange in Braj Bhāṣā
Kenneth Bryant, Sur’s Meters Revisited
10:30-11:00Coffee break
Session 8 (cont.)Chair: Raman P. Sinha
Swapna Sharma, Introducing another Surdas
Richard D. Williams, Politics and Prestige in an Eighteenth‐Century Rāgamālā
Yogi Trivedi, Premānand’s Object of Devotion: The Search for Kṛṣṇa-bhakti in the Svāmīnārāyaṇ Sampradāy
Session 9Chair: Daniel Gold
14:00-15:30John Cort, “No One Saves Like the Guru”: Devotion to the Guru in Digambar Hindi Literature
Tillo Detige, Ascetic Ideals & Guru-bhakti in the Bhaṭṭāraka lineages of Digambara Jainism
Steven M. Vose, Jain Language Use in Early Modern Western India: Examining the Trajectory of Tellings of the Narmadāsundarī Satī Kathā
15:30-16:00Coffee break
Session 10Chair: Heidi Pauwels
Manpreet Kaur, Religious Bārahmāhās in Punjab
Anne Murphy, The Punjabi language in the (late) Vernacular Millennium
17:00-18:00Poster session (cont.)
Sunday, July 19 
Session 11Chair: Jack Hawley
09:00-10:30Kiyokazu Okita, The Karṇāṭaka Connection: Siṅhabhūpāla II’s Influence on Bengali Vaiṣṇava Aesthetics
Rembert Lutjerharms, Caitanya and the Gosvāmīs of Vṛndāvana: A reappraisal of early Caitanya Vaiṣṇava intellectual history
Mayya Shlyakhter, Chandidas: what makes the first one different from the others
10:30-11:00Coffee break
11:00-13:00Final discussion, ENIAT and planning of the next conference