We have made pre-reservations in various hotels for you. Information about these hotels are here.

The hotels are listed from cheapest to most expensive. You may, of course, share a double room to lessen the cost. Note that in the Hôtel du Marché, some of the rooms have shared facilities on the floor.

When contacting the hotel to make a reservation, be sure to give the code “India15” in order to benefit from the special conference rates. Please make your reservation before the end of April (rooms will not be reserved for us after this date).

All these hotels are in the center of Lausanne and close to the metro, which leads to campus.

We will also provide free homestays for students who need them.


Hôtel du Marché

Hôtel Regina

Hôtel des Voyageurs

For Hôtel des Voyageurs, please make your reservation only through this e-mail: or by phone +41 78 801 55 01

Hôtel Elite


For those who prefer to stay in the finest accomodation that Lausanne has to offer (there are no special rates for these hotels), please find some suggestions below :

Lausanne Palace

Beau-Rivage Palace

Mövenpick Hotel