Photo exhibition

We propose to organize a retrospective HKT photo exhibition online. Why?

  • While digital cameras are widespread, they mostly document the past ca. 2 decades
  • We would like to archive some “older” pictures
  • People have likely paid more attention when taking photos with analog cameras
  • Photos may contain information useful for science or fieldwork

Our goal is to collect good quality, pre-digital era photos from the HKT area. They do not necessarily have to contain science, photos of simple landscapes or memorable encounters are good.

A few criteria for selecting your pictures before sending:

  • taken before the year 2000 with an analog camera
  • scanned size is at least 800*600 pixels
  • maximum 3 photos per person
  • you agree to your photos being displayed online, or in print during the conference
  • please specify whether your name, title and year of the photo should be displayed

We will perform a basic selection only, without any image processing, and then display the photos online. The weblink will appear here.