The Scientific Committee gave awards to a few outstanding student presentations heard or seen during the conference. Evaluation criteria included scientific content, presentation format and style, ability to answer question, etc.

The following PhD students were awarded at the HKT2018:

  • Benedetta DINI: Slope activity and processes in the Himalaya of Northern Bhutan
  • Abhijit PATRA: Paleostress reconstruction from fault slip analysis in the Main Boundary Thrust zone, foothill Darjeeling Himalaya
  • Stacy PHILLIPS: The petrogenesis of kyanite leucogranites in Bhutan, Eastern Himalaya

The Committee has also awarded two MSc students:

  • Marius HUBER: Assessing provenance, exposure timing, and emplacement processes of large exotic boulders in central Himalayan river valleys
  • Tim WEBSTER: Meteoric fluid-rock interaction in the footwall of the South Tibetan Detachment, Sutlej Valley and Zanskar, NW India