Travel grant

Thanks to the generous offer of TecTask, a very limited number of travel grants are available for young researchers from developing countries in the domain of Structural Geology and Tectonics to attend the HKT2018 workshop. Researchers interested to apply should indicate it in the box “Special comments” on the Registration page. Please read full details below.

TecTask is the task group on Tectonics and Structural Geology of the IUGS. The Executive Committee of TecTask has kindly decided on short notice to provide funding to a few researchers planning to attend the HKT2018 workshop, who satisfy the following conditions:

  • Early-career scientists: less than 35 years old (1 year per child can be added to account for maternity leave)
  • Citizenship and working place in a developing country
  • Registration and abstract submission by April 30th
  • Presented research in the domain of Structural Geology and Tectonics
  • Writing a one-page report after the HKT2018 workshop on how the conference has impacted the grantee’s scientific advancement and what the grantee presented at the workshop

To apply, please provide the following information during registration, in the box “Special comments or requirements that you would like to convey to the conference organisers“:

  • Date of birth and Citizenship (will be verified for grantees before confirmation)
  • Number of children (in case maternity leave should be accounted for)
  • Total amount of grant requested, in Euros, and details of the request (travel and/or accommodation and/or conference costs).

Please note that requesting funding for all three expenses (travel, accommodation and conference costs) lowers the chances to get funded, as we have a fix budget to distribute among applicants. Therefore, if you/your institute can cover conference and/or accommodation costs, we encourage you not to apply for those.

Selection criteria to attribute travel grants will be primarily based on scientific excellence. The Scientific Committee plans to make a decision early May and inform the funded applicants as soon as possible.