Young Person’s Assessment

Studies & professional future: an opportunity to take stock

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The Career Centre of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Lausanne (HEC Lausanne) is launching a new service called the “Young Person’s Assessment”. Free of charge and intended for 2nd and 3rd year Bachelor students, as well as Master students, it is available now for HEC students. Its goal: to identify strong points, talents and career possibilities most attuned to candidates’ personalities and the job market.

The Assessment will be compiled over a period of 2 to 4 months in six stages, ranging from individual analysis to the finalisation of an action plan, as well as work on how to polish applications and look for employment.

We’re offering this coaching service to students from the 2nd year of the Bachelor degree. The aim is to give them leads as soon as possible to determine the sector of activities most suited to their profile, bearing in mind that professional aspirations often change during the course of studies.

During the Assessment, students are required to show a degree of commitment in terms of time and work to carry out research independently. The Career Centre for its part assures a coaching role throughout students’ studies until they finally enter the job market. To ensure the success of that crucial step, the employment platform remains open to students 6 months after the end of their studies, and they can return to the Career Centre up to a year after obtaining their degree in order to seek advice.

“The Young Person’s Assessment is a service which increases the employability of young graduates and is an excellent tool which I highly recommend,” notes Jérôme Rossier, Professor of Psychology in Counselling and Careers Guidance at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. Students take note: an opportunity not to be missed!