Case Interview Secrets

Title: Case Interview Secrets
Author: Victor Cheng
Publisher: Innovation Press

Summary: A former McKinsey interviewer reveals how to get multiple job offers in consulting

The book is organised into 7 parts. Part one profides a big-picture view of the case interview process and the different types of evaluation tools used. Part two covers quantitative assessments. Though not technically case interviews, quantitative assessments are often injected into the recruiting process before or during hypothetical-situation, or “real”, case interviews. Part Three addresses the fundamentals of tackliung “real” case interviews. Part Four discusses the primary frameworks you’ll use to solve the business problems presented in the case interview. Part Five covers the traditional candidate-led case interview format, which is the oldest and most common approach. Part six describes the other types of case formats and how to handle them succesfully. Part Seven discusses how to pull all the skills together to get the job offer.