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Information Evening – 31 January 2019

We are currently recruiting for our 2019 intake!

What is 2019 looking like for you? Is it the right year to take the next step in your career and join our programme?

Learn more about how our HEC Lausanne Executive MBA broadens your career prospects at our next:

Information Evening
January 31st 2019 at 6.30pm
On campus


Our Academic Director and Entrepreneurship Professor, Jeffrey Petty, will be presenting the programme. You will also be able to hear directly from Alexandre Rio (Alumnus, 2016) and his new successful cosmetics brand Epigeneva as well as Elaisa Tamaro (Student, 2019). They will share their insightful experience of the programme; the class dynamics, the outcomes and the networking opportunities. At the end, stay for a drink and discuss your potential questions with the speakers and/or with the administrative team.

Individual meetings with our recruitment team can also be scheduled by contacting us by email at or by calling us at +41 (0)21 692 33 91.

Happy Holidays!

We wish you a great festive season!

Your HEC Lausanne Executive MBA team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019. May it be filled with joy and happiness!

Highlights of 2018

Another great year has passed by and we have summarised it with key numbers…

  • 50 graduates joining the EMBA community
  • 1st place trophy at the Paddle for Cancer Dragonboat Festival
  • 35 new participants in Class of 2019
  • 78th Executive MBA worldwide based on the 2018 FT Ranking
  • 2nd Homecoming organised with 20% of our community present
  • 2’357 post-it notes used during the Class of 2019 Intro Week

Congratulations Class of 2018!

Congratulations Class of 2018!

Already 16 months ago, Class of 2018 stepped into Room 109 of the Extranef Building for the first time. Their EMBA journey had just started…

After successfully completing projects and courses, developing essential skills, partying on Friday nights, interacting with multiple Professors, guest speakers and with their peers, our 50 participants have finally received their degree in hand last December 14th! Congratulations to all of you!

Keep the community alive and stay connected with MyAlumni, the Association’s Alumni directory. Make sure your information is updated and create yourself new opportunities within our HEC Lausanne EMBA network. Class of 2018 will have access to this service beginning of 2019.

HEC Lausanne Executive MBA 2018 Graduates
Hans Peter Andres – Rado Andriantsimiavona – Adina Badoi – Gabriel Bovolenta – Benjamin Bradfield – Adrien Brunner – Manuel Carou Valle – Marcus Chambers – Adeline Comment – Christian Cornaz – Deniz Coskun – Tobias Dean – Julie Dedocoton – Cédric Delapraz – Sébastien Del Rizzo – Henrique Do Rego – François Domenjoz – Francisco Florez – Guillaume Goudy – Sébastien Grellety – Carlos Guerra Arias – Thomas Ihle – Murad Iskandarov – Corinne Jud Khan – Edelgard Kaiser – Mihaela Kaykov – Mark Kiami – Mark Kiwitz – Katerina Markoff – René Jean Lesniewski – Jennifer Liu – Raphael Lüdemann – David May – Yves Mayor – Marc Niklaus – Hrvoje Ogresta – Alessandro Onesti – Sergio Pesenti – Loïc Pfister – Ziroli Plutschow – Ronald Rogers – Fabrice Roudet – Michel Saner – Laetitia Santin – Oksana Savych – Georges Seide – Marc Tremblay – Keyurkumar Trivedi – Laurent Vieira de Mello – Martin Wieser

HEC Lausanne Executive MBA ranked 78th worldwide by the Financial Times!


Our Executive MBA has been ranked 78th worldwide by the 2018 Financial Times EMBA Ranking. A special thank you to Class of 2015 for supporting the programme and taking the time to answer the Financial Times’ survey!

On average, Alumni from 2015 increased their salary by 40% in a 3-year time horizon after having completed the programme. Furthermore, the programme is ranked 15th in terms of pre-EMBA work experience, a measure that includes career internationality, seniority level and company size. This position partly reflects our constant pursuit of diversity in our participants’ profiles as we aim to strike the right balance evaluating candidates’ professional career but also academic achievements and personal qualities.

Accredited EQUIS and AMBA, our Financial Times rank further recognises the quality of our HEC Lausanne Executive MBA and reinforces our programme’s international reputation.




Information Evening – 6 November 2018

We are currently recruiting for our 2019 intake!

Find out more about our HEC Lausanne Executive MBA at our:

Information Evening
November 6th 2018 at 6.30pm
On campus


Our Academic Director and Entrepreneurship Professor, Jeffrey Petty, will be presenting the programme. You will also be able to hear directly from Alumni and Students who will share their experience. At the end, stay for a drink and discuss your potential questions with the speakers and/or with the administrative team.

Individual meetings with our recruitment team can also be scheduled by contacting us by email at or by calling us at +41 (0)21 692 33 91.

Admissions Opening 2019

Take your career to the next level!

Admissions are now open for our next intake starting on August 26th, 2019. Will this be the right year for you to pursue new opportunities and transform your career?

To learn more about our HEC Lausanne Executive MBA, we invite you to come and meet us at our next Information Evening held on campus on November 6th, 2018.

You can also meet our programme representatives and discuss the programme during one-to-one meetings at the events below.

Event Location Date
Access MBA One-to-One Meetings Geneva 13.10.2018
Access MBA One-to-One Meetings Zurich 15.10.2018
QS TopMBA WorldTour & Connect One-to-One Zurich 27.10.2018

If you feel ready to take the next step and join the programme next year, now is the time to prepare your application!

Next application round: 30 November 2018

Our admissions team will be glad to speak with you and advise you on the process and requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact us by email at or give us a call at +41 (0)21 692 33 91.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Welcome to Class of 2019!

Participants from Class of 2019 have just started their EMBA journey at HEC Lausanne and we wish them a warm welcome!

Key numbers

  • 35 participants
  • 39 years old on average
  • 13 years of professional experience on average
  • 30% of women
  • 14 nationalities

Class of 2019 also distinguishes itself by the highest number of companies represented in proportion to the number of participants. With a mix of 34 SME’s, multinational corporations, start-ups and public institutions, the HEC Lausanne EMBA community will definitely be growing this year and the networking opportunities will be increased.

Introductory Week – Class of 2019

3, 2, 1, Go!

Class of 2019 will be starting their HEC Lausanne Executive MBA next August 27th.

For many of them, the last time they set foot in an academic institution was years ago. The Introductory Week, taking place off-campus at the Lausanne Palace, is therefore a way of kick-starting the return to studying, helping get re-acquainted back into a learning mode.

It will be the first of the programme’s three capstone projects that will tackle the week; the Strategy & Sustainability Project. Based on a real case study brought up by one of our partner companies, Nestlé, participants will explore in groups the challenges of aiming for competitiveness and sustainability along the entire value chain.

The Introductory Week is intensive but also has a strong social aspect, very much oriented toward mingling and networking events. An efficient class dynamic comes from hard work and commitment but also by having fun and sharing great moments.



Be open-minded and curious! This is a life-changing and exciting experience. Don’t look at it with an examination-oriented mind. Enjoy the experience in itself!Violet S Balakrishnan, Alumna 2017
Don’t try to do it, do it to try! Find your rhythm and don’t focus on the finish line! The Executive MBA is like a very long race and you will be pushed to the limits of time, patience and energy. The goal is how you get to the end! Have fun and enjoy the incredibly exciting moments!Raphaël Lüdemann, Class of 2018

Module Abroad – Class of 2018

A week in Milan!

Stepping out of the classroom and into a new environment is always an enriching way to learn a new subject. In line with our desire to foster international business perspectives, we collaborate with recognised academic institutions to organise a week-long study tour for our participants.

Last week, right before summer break , our 50 participants left for their Module Abroad at SDA Bocconi in Milan.

The week was filled with a great mix of learning methods; theoretical lectures were complemented by practical analysis and discussions on case studies as well as group work and business simulations. Guest speakers and trips to visit local companies such as Maserati or Cassina also enabled our participants to gain insight into new industries and outstanding business practices.

Tu sum up, the Module Abroad represents a stimulating and complementary addition to the programme. Between company visits, case studies and social activities, there was no time to get bored!

Medical Decision Making – 30 June 2018


The HEC Lausanne Executive MBA has welcomed Professor Julian Marewski, teaching Data Analytics in the programme, for a special decision making workshop that took place on Saturday, June 30th.

Medical Decision Making 101: Better Patients, Better Doctors, Better Healthcare Management?

This extra course was offered to Alumni and Students and was destined not only to those working in the healthcare sector but also to those more generally interested in decision making processes, risk management, uncertainty and statistics.

For this second edition of Medical Decision Making, the course was characterised by a mixed pedagogical approach; while working on cases and exercises together with the Professor, “brain jam sessions” enabled attendees to share and pool their knowledge and expertise. “By stimulating associative thinking processes, it allowed us and the professor to better fix the discussed concepts and to discover new paths of reflection by bringing up new ideas!”, reflects Laurent Seravalli (2015).

Medical Decision Making 101 was all about deepening the understanding of a subject valuable in one’s everyday life while “developing and reinforcing our EMBA community’s team spirit by cross meeting with participants from different classes”, concludes Laurent.