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Reconstructing prehistoric African population structure

INTRODUCTION The highest genetic diversity in humans is found in Africa, in line with Africa being the cradle of humanity. While the three articles we discussed previously during this tutorial (1,2,3) mainly focused on determining the most parsimonious “out-of-Africa” scenarios … Continue reading

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A genomic history of Aboriginal Australia;

Blogpost on: Malaspinas et al 2016 A genomic history of Aboriginal Australia. Nature 538: 207–214. Introduction: Prior to the publication of Malaspinas et al. 2016, investigation of Aboriginal Australian genome sequences had been quite limited. In fact, only 3 whole genome … Continue reading

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A journey through the The Simons Genome Diversity Project: more genomes sequenced, more diverse populations

Introduction Since the first genome of Bacteriophage MS21 was completely sequenced, in 1976, until 2001 when the first draft of human genome2 was released, a lot of work was done to improve and to make accessible different methods to get … Continue reading

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