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The genetic sex-determination system predicts adult sex ratios in tetrapods

Genetic sex determination, i. e. the determination of sexual phenotypes by the effect of sex-determining genes, is found in the majority of vertebrates. Sex determination genes have evolved multiple times independently and can be located on different chromosomes. Depending on … Continue reading

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Identification of a large set of rare complete human knockouts

High throughput genotyping and sequencing has led to the discovery of numerous sequence variants associated to human traits and diseases. An important type of variants involved are Loss of Function (LoF) mutations (frameshift indels, stop-gain and essential sites variants), which … Continue reading

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Supergenes and social organization in a bird species

      Cindy Dupuis, Xinji Li, Casper van der Kooi   The development of new molecular mechanisms and next generation sequencing techniques have advanced our knowledge on the genetic basis underlying phenotypic polymorphism. Over the coarse of recent years, … Continue reading

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