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Tutorial program Spring 2015: Genomics, ecology, evolution, etc

So here are the papers chosen for our tutorial this Spring (from the list here), in the ordre in wich they will be discussed: Zhan et al 2014 The genetics of monarch butterfly migration and warning colouration Nature 514: 317–321 … Continue reading

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Suggested paper list for Spring 2015

Like last Spring, we are offering the students following our tutorial Genomes, Ecology, Evolution, etc. the opportunity to chose the 8 papers which we will discuss. Here is the list of papers which we propose: Lamichhaney et al 2015 Evolution … Continue reading

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Stick Insect Genomes Reveal Natural Selection’s Role in Parallel Speciation

Parallel evolution provides evidence for evolution by natural selection and can cause repeated divergence at specific genes. The parallel evolution of phenotypic traits under similar environmental pressures was estimated to cover almost half of same genomic regions. However, the genomic … Continue reading

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