Some stats on this blogging experiment

Since we used the blog format to conduct this journal club, the whole world was able to enjoy the fruits of our work. So did they come?

Well, yes, there were quite a few more readers than would have attended a classical journal club:

And although most visitors were from Switzerland, many came from elsewhere:

There is clearly a skewed distribution of the readership of the different posts. It is unclear what is the cause, but in part it seems to be the titles, and in part the speed with which it was picked up by

Indeed, we were quite visible at, which aggregates science blog posts. We totaled 1730 views on that website, and it is our main source of visitors.

So overall, an enjoyable experience, which we will repeat this spring. Aiming for tens or thousands of visitors, of course.

I thank all the students who played the game, and wrote excellent blog posts, adapting to this unusual requirement for a PhD student.

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