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Collected Plasmodium faliciparum GWAS and resistance to antimalarial drugs

Plasmodium falciparum parasite spreads rapidly and widely, if it is out of control. The major prevention is antimalarial drugs. However, drug resistance in parasites has evolved and spread rapidly. In consequence, it’s necessary to launch genome-wide association studies of parasite … Continue reading

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Towards an unbiased study of parallel evolution

The investigation of parallel evolution is a powerful paradigm to study mechanisms of adaptation. This review and opinion paper stresses the fact that although remarkable examples have been studied, molecular bases of adaptation are still poorly understood in the vast … Continue reading

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Hard selective sweeps do not seem to be the rule in human evolution.

by Ricardo Kanitz, based on the paper by Hernandez et al. published in Science (2011). One of the main topics in evolution is – as it has always been – human evolution. Many new methods are applied first to humans; … Continue reading

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