Lionel Benoit


I am interested in monitoring and modelling the space-time evolution of different Earth surface processes at high resolution. I mostly focus on local environments (few square kilometers) and on short time scales (minutes to days). In this context, a primary topic is the joint development of in-situ instruments, field acquisition procedures and data processing methods to capture as precisely as possible the natural process of interest. A secondary topic is the use of remote sensing data to complement or validate these in-situ observations.

I apply the developped frameworks to different natural objects such as rain fields, landslides or glaciers.


At the University of Lausanne, I am working more specifically on stochastic rainfall modelling. My main goal is therefore to develop a stochastic model able to reproduce the space-time behavior of rainfall as observed at very high resolution (100m in space, 1min in time). In parallel I am interested in the influence of the regional climate on the observed space-time structure of local rain fields.


Since 2015: Stochastic rainfall modelling, University of Lausanne (UNIL), Switzerland, PhD project.
2012-2014: Software development for low-cost GPS positioning, French mapping agency (IGN) and Ecole Normale Superieure (ENS), France, PhD project.
2011: Adjustment of the French gravimetric network, IGN, France, MSc project.
2009 – 2011: MSc in geodesy and photogrammetry, Ecole Nationale des Sciences Geographiques (ENSG), France.


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