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Probabilistic inference schemes in forensic handwriting examination: a diagrammatic approach to support evaluation and reporting

Main Applicant: Alex Biedermann

Co-Applicants: Franco Taroni, Williams Mazzella

The primary objective of this SNSF funded research (18 months, starting in 2015) is to rely on Bayesian networks within a general methodology for structured expert knowledge elicitation and analysis in order to build diagrammatic interpretation structures that have the potential to become part of the scope of resources that forensic experts need to substantiate probabilistic evaluations and conclusions in cases involving the results of comparative handwriting examinations.

Further information on all ongoing and past projects of Alex Biedermann on forensic inference and decision analysis is available on this page. See also the personal page of Alex Biedermann on the P3 research database of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).