Short Presentations

Order, titles and presenters 7th Sept 11.30am - 12.30am

OrderPresentation TitlePresenting Author
Plenary room 1: 1What future for healthcare expenditures? A time series analysisCruz-Gomes
Plenary room 1: 2Measuring efficiency of public hospitals in Kuwait
Plenary room 1: 3Heterogenous peer effects in obesity and junk food consumption: The importance of strong and weak tiesTzinTzun
Plenary room 1: 4Effects of DRG refinement on the choice between C-section and normal delivery: recent evidence from FranceProshin
Plenary room 2: 1Eliciting stakeholders’ preferences in decision making: MCDA case study in UkrainePiniazhko
Plenary room 2: 2Equity in the allocation of R&D resources for rare diseases
Plenary room 2: 3Modelling the impact of increasing numbers of oncology therapies on the cost-effectiveness of currently reimbursed treatmentsHaywood
List of short 5 minute presentations and presenting authors
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