Parallel Sessions

Detailed List of Full Presentations (Provisional)

Parallel Session Theme 1: Economic Evaluation of Medical Care Technologies Theme 2: Economics of Health System Financing, Regulation and DeliveryTheme 3: Determinants of health behaviours and consequences Theme 4: Patient and provider decision making and incentives
6th Sept.
Title: A Bayesian framework to monitor cost-effectiveness over time using real-world and randomised study data: the case of bevacizumab in colorectal cancer

Author: van der Linden

Discussant: Regnier
Title: Horizontal equity in professional home care use. An assessment in the context of the French APA scheme

Author: Tenand

Discussant: Tubeuf
Title: Heavy Episodic Drinking and the Life Course: Evidence from the Health Survey for England

Author: Wilson

Discussant: Jusot

Title: Does experience influence choice of provider? Evidence from Finnish medical rehabilitation

Author: Pitkanen

Discussant: Rochaix
6th Sept.
Title: The use of intensive radiological assessments in routine surveillance after treatment for head and neck cancer: an economic evaluation

Author: Meregaglia

Discussant: van Baal
Title: Heritability of time preference: Evidence from German twin data

Author: Hübler

Discussant: van der Pol
Title: Don't stop me now: the impact of waiting times on blood donor retention

Author: Machado

Discussant: Avdik
6th Sept.
Title: Development of a multi-STI disease modelling tool

Author: Sailer

Discussant: Cairns
Title: Geographic Variation in Healthcare Expenditure in The Netherlands: Evidence from Movers

Author: Moura

Discussant: Robone
Title: Time Inconsistency and Altruism in the Patient-Doctor Interaction

Author: Irvine

Discussant: Machado
Title: Selection on moral hazard in Supplementary health insurance

Author: Peron

Discussant: Taffe
6th Sept.
Title: Costs and benefits of early and targeted response in the Ebola virus disease outbreak in Sierra Leone

Author: Kellerborg

Discussant: Hunter
Title: Development of multimorbidity indices predicting mortality and healthcare related expenditure, using the French national health insurance database.

Author: Constantinou

Discussant: Stadelmann
Title: Increasing life expectancy and life satisfaction: Are longer lives worth it?

Author: Nemitz

Discussant: Bakx
Title: Retirement and Health Plan Choices

Author: Müller

Discussant: Franc

7th Sept.
Title: What is the loss in quality of life associated with an asthma-related crisis event?

Author: Crossman-Barnes

Discussant: Kinghorn
Title: Can variations in hospital mortality rates be explained by variation in admission thresholds?

Author: Meacock

Discussant: Wright
Title: Does social capital support health in widowhood?

Author: Kung

Discussant: Suziedelyte
Title: Consumer Price Sensitivity and Health Plan Switching in a Managed Competition Setting

Author: Bischof

Discussant: Atherly
7th Sept.
Title: The valuation of outcomes for the temporary and chronic health states associated with Chlamydia trachomatis infection.

Author: Ogwulu

Discussant: Skedgel
Title: The trade-off between volume and quality among private independent treatment centres (ZBC’s) and among private clinics

Author: Kruse

Discussant: Wubker
Title: On the Economics of Health in Homes

Author: Palacios

Discussant: Munford
Title: Cost versus Choice in the ACA Health Insurance Exchanges: Understanding the Trade-Offs Health Consumers Are Willing to Make

Author: van den Broek-Altenburg

Discussant: Gerfin
7th Sept.
Title: Eliciting Patients' Preferences in Kidney Transplantation: A Discrete Choice Experiment

Author: Genie

Discussant: Fleury
Title: Quality of care and hospital ownership - Evidence from Germany

Author: Wuckel

Discussant: Sutton
Title: Downsides of informal caregiving: health effects of providing informal care

Author: Bom

Discussant: Gramain
Title: A moneymaking scan: Financial incentives and supplier-induced demand for diagnostic imaging

Author: Zabrodina

Discussant: Müller
7th Sept.
Title: Prospect theory and economic evaluations: an overview of relevant developments for health policy

Author: Lipman

Discussant: Pasini
Title: Informal care, long term-care insurance and intra-family moral hazard: Empirical evidence for Europe

Author: Montoliu

Discussant: Maurer
Title: Income dynamics and health: did income changes during the Great Recession affect physical health and wellbeing

Author: Kiernan

Discussant: Martin Bassols
Title: Go your own way? The importance of peers in the formation of physician practice styles

Author: Sriubaite

Discussant: Chandra
7th Sept.
Title: Association between the availability and affordability of medicines under uniform price regulation policy in low- and lower-middle-income countries

Author: Chepynoga

Discussant: Zaliska
Title: The Impact of Unified Public Health Insurance Programme on Financial Protection in Indonesia: Evidence from Panel Data

Author: Erlangga

Discussant: Wittwer
Title: Labour market effects of a parental health shock: Evidence from the Netherlands

Author: Rellstab

Discussant: Cottier
Title: Antibiotic Prescribing under Uncertainty about Resistance

Author: Ribers

Discussant: Herrera
7th Sept.
Title: Employer-mandated complementary health insurance in France: The likely effects on social welfare

Author: Pierre

Discussant: Beck
Title: Impact of an acute health shock on lifestyles: evidence from French panel data

Author: Marsaudon

Discussant: Jones
Title: Antibiotic consumption in the UK and the cost of shifting demand away from broad-spectrum drugs

Author: Yan

Discussant: Kauer
8th Sept.
Title: Generalized costs of home care providers: an analytical framework and its empirical application

Author: Roquebert

Discussant: Moschetti
Title: Performance in Primary Care Facilities in Indonesia: An application of frontier analysis techniques

Author: Shidieq

Discussant: Dusheiko
Title: Does being in debt affect physicians’ provision of medical care? A lab experiment with negative endowments

Author: Einhaus

Discussant: Felder
8th Sept.
Title: Decision-Analytic Modeling in Hemato-Oncology

Author: Vukicevic

Discussant: Pillai
Title: The Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative: a decomposition analysis of the changes in modern contraceptive use

Author: Adeyanju

Discussant: Kaempfen
Title: Bar opening hours, alcohol consumption and workplace accidents

Author: Martin Bassols

Discussant: Goldzahl
Title: Health Insurance Contracts and Healthcare Utilization - An Experiment on the Role of Forward Looking Behavior

Author: Han

Discussant: Waibel
List of full presentation titles in each parallel session, presenters and attributed discussants
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