NORFACE: « Democratic governance in a turbulent age (Governance) » (délai: 19.2.2019)

The NORFACE Network is pleased to launch its sixth joint transnational research programme with the topic Democratic governance in a turbulent age. Researchers from the social sciences are invited to apply for funding on behalf of an international consortium, comprised of researchers from three or more countries that participate in this NORFACE Call for Proposals.
NORFACE Call for Proposals
NORFACE WebsiteThis programme has three major objectives:
– To develop innovative and excellent research proposals addressing important challenges to democratic governance and politics;
– To produce added value through the development of European cross-national research collaborations exploring the impacts of variations in social, economic, cultural and political contexts on changes in how democracies work;
– To identify promising forms of policy innovation and institutional design and explore the conditions for their application in different jurisdictions.

The programme is structured around five of the most important current challenges to democratic governance and politics:
inequality and redistribution
the evolving politics of threat
the democratisation of information
shifting identities and representation
the changing authority of institutions.