Scientific committee

The scientific committee was in charge of selecting the plenary speakers and the 35 symposia organized during the conference.

The committee is composed of twelve people and is headed by

  • John Pannell (Dept. Ecology and Evolution): Ecology and Evolution of Plant Sexual Systems
  • Laurent Keller (Dept. Ecology and Evolution): Evolutionary Genetics and Ecology of Social Life

Among the 10 other members of the committe, five are from the University of Lausanne and five are from other institutions in Swizterland and worldwide.

  • Tadeusz Kawecki (Dept. Ecology and Evolution):Experimental Evolutionary Biology
  • Alexandre Reymond (Center Integrative Genomics): Genome Structure and Expression
  • Nicolas Salamin (Dept. Ecology and Evolution): Computational Phylogenetics and Evolution
  • Tanja Schwander (Dept. Ecology and Evolution): Evolution of Reproductive and Genetic Systems
  • Severine Vuilleumier (Dept. Ecology and Evolution): Metapopulation Ecology and Genetics