Conference catering

Catering during the conference will be provided by the team serving the University campus, under the benevolent supervision of Nino and Consuelo. You will need your personal badge to get access to all catering services.Nino_Consuelo_Cananiello


Complimentary breakfast (coffee, tea and croissant) will be offered each day on the conference site (Amphimax cafeteria [MAX-301]) before the first talk (8:00-8:50).

Coffee breaks

Coffee, orange juice and cakes will be available during morning- (11:00-11:30) and afternoon breaks (15:45-16:15 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday; 16:10-16:40 on Friday), in all three of the primary buildings (Amphimax [MAX], Amphipôle [POL], Génopode [GEN]).


Lunch will be served at the Unithèque, from 12:00 to 14:30. Don’t forget to take your daily lunch vouchers (included in the conference bag). You will have a choice among several options, including a vegetarian menu and a free-choice buffet. Just pick a tray and dishes when arriving, make your choice, and present your voucher to the cashier. Bottled beverages are not included: water fountains will be at your disposal, and tap water is excellent. After finishing your lunch, please return your tray and dishes back to the conveyor belt.

Lunch will also be available on Wednesday. Those of you who registered to one of the excursions will receive an additional voucher to get a lunchbox, available at the Amphimax cafeteria, from 12:00 to 13:00.