Conference bar

There will be a conference bar in the Salle de Fêtes at the “Casino de Montbenon”, in the centre of the city of Lausanne, 10 min away from the university by metro (nearest stop is Lausanne Vigie, Map of Montbenon). The bar is in the beautiful park of Montbenon and so you can also sit outside if the weather is nice! There will be beer on tap- at 2 CHF per beer, some flavored syrups, sodas, and a few snacks (crisps, peanuts, etc…). No substantial meals will be served in the bar itself, but for those who are hungry there is a restaurant upstairs. There is also a large choice of restaurants in Lausanne.

The bar will be open from Monday to Thursday evening of the conference (8pm – midnight). There will be live jazz music on the Monday and Wednesday nights. On the Thursday night the bar will be hosting a public-scientist speed-dating event. The general idea is that members of the local Lausanne public will meet with ESEB scientists who have already signed up for this event. Note that the deadline for scientist subscription to this event is now past. On this evening, there will also be a wider diversity of beers available (4 CHF a bottle).