Sarv??g? by Gop?lad?sa

Text in transliteration

Text in Devan?gar?


Gop?lad?sa, Sarv??g? (abbrev. GopS)

Source : Winand Callewaert, The Sarv??g? of Gop?ld?s, New Delhi, Manohar Book Publications, 1993; 520pp.; text pp. 119-521.
The text below of The Sarv??g? of Gop?ld?s is a revised version of the printed text referred to above. Working on the Dictionary of Bhakti and checking the manuscript once more has yielded some useful corrections which in the text below are highlighted in yellow.

Markup : The sub-titles for s?kh?, pada, kavitta, arilla, ?loka, caup?? , savaiye and r?ga in the manuscript (and in the printed edition) are not given here. Instead, the following abbreviations are used: [S] for s?kh? (sometimes the s?kh?s are not marked in a subtitle in the manuscript), [P] for pada, [K] for kavitta, [A] for arilla, [?] for ?loka, [C] for caup??, [SAVAI] for savaiye.

The references have been enclosed by a tag (<ref>, </ref>) and consist of the text siglum and two (or three) numbers, separated by period and slash (only semicolons in the original file).

Curly brackets mark the passages not to be re-transliterated into Devanagari, (e.g. the introduction, footnotes, etc.)

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