Padas by Gorakhan?tha

Text in transliteration

Text in Devan?gar?

Gorakhan?tha, Padas (abbrev. Gorp)

Source : The digitization of the text in Devan?gar? characters was provided by Winand M. Callewaert and it part of the Leuven Bhakti Corpus that constitutes the source of Callewaert’s Bhakti Dictionary. Callewaert gives as source: Gorakhn?th 62 pad. Barathval, P?., Gorakhab?n?, Allahabad, 3rd edn., 1950.

Transliteration : The transliteration was generated electronically on the basis of a WORD-file provided by W. Callewaert and with his authorization. This source file had been produced by using the Devanagari font « Parvati ». On the basis of a list for the Devan?gar? equivalents of the ASCII characters (kindly provided by Winand Callewaert) and by a series of global exchanges a transliterated version was produced by Peter Schreiner for output in UNICODE.

Markup : The references have been enclosed by a tag (<ref>, </ref>) and consist of the abbreviation of the text and two numbers, the first being the number of the pada, the second being the number of the line in the pada. The first line is counted as zero (as in the source file). The source file uses the semicolon as separator. This has been changed to period in accordance with the standard for the punctuation of references adopted by ENIAT.

Passages to be written in Devanagari are enclosed by <dev>, </dev>.

Transcription : For the automatic transformation of the transliteration back to Devan?gar? the passages which are NOT to be transcribed are enclosed by curly brackets (e.g. the introduction, footnotes, etc.).

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