Padas by Sundaradāsa

Text in transliteration

Text in Devanāgarī


Sundaradāsa, Padas (abbrev. Sunp)
Source : Sharma, P. H., Sundar-granthāvalī, Rajasthan Research Society, Calcutta, V.S. 1993 (= CE 1936-37).
The text was provided by Winand Callewaert as WORD-file, using the Parvati Devanagari-font. This file was recoded to produce the standard transliteration in Unicode which can be transformed to Unicode Devanagari.
Markup : The references have been enclosed by a tag (<ref>, </ref>) and consist of the text siglum and two numbers, separated by period (semicolon in the original file).
Passages to be written in Devanagari are enclosed by <dev>, </dev>. Curly brackets mark the passages NOT to be re-transliterated into Devanagari.

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