The Pañcavāṇī by Haradāsa

Text in transliteration

Text in Devanāgarī


Haradāsa, Pañcavāṇī (abbrev. HarP )
Source : Winand Callewaert & Bart Op de Beeck, Nirgun-bhakti-sāgar. Devotional Hindī literature, Heidelberg, Süd-Asien Institut, & New Delhi, Manohar Book Publications, 1991; 2 vols, 1175 pp.; pp. 31-34; 453-471.

The text was provided by Winand Callewaert as WORD-file, using the Parvati Devanagari-font. This file was recoded to produce the standard transliteration in Unicode which can be transformed to Unicode Devanagari.
Markup : The references have been enclosed by a tag (<ref>, </ref>) and consist of the text siglum and two numbers, separated by period (semicolon in the original file); the lines per verse are not counted and the same reference applies to all lines of a verse.

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