R?sa pañc?dhy?y? by Nandad?sa

Text in transliteration

Text in Devan?gar?


Nandad?sa, R?sa pañc?dhy?y? (abbrev. N)
Source : Vrajaratnad?sa, Nandad?sa Granth?val?, Banaras, 1958.

The text was provided by Winand Callewaert as WORD-file, using the Parvati Devanagari-font. This file was recoded to produce the standard transliteration in Unicode which can be transformed to Unicode Devanagari.
The list of files in the Leuven Digital Databank of Bhakti Literature identifies this text as « Nandd?s (McGregor) 342 pad R?s Pañc?dhy?y?; the information given above under « source » is from the file.
Markup : The references have been enclosed by a tag (<ref>, </ref>) and consist of the text siglum and two (or three) numbers, separated by period and slash (only semicolons in the original file).

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