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Text in Devanāgarī


Various authors, Ādigrantha
Source : Winand M. Callewaert, Śrī Gurū Granth Sāhib. With complete Index, Motilal Banarssidas, 1996, Vol. 1: complete text, 1430 pp.; Vol. 2: contents and index, 967 pp.

From the Ādi-Granth, the Bhagats only have been selected for this databank.
Markup: The references use the following abbreviations for the names of the Bhagats:
AB = Benī
ABh = Bhīkhan
AD = Dhannā
AK = Kabīr
AN = Nāmdev
AP = Paramānand
APi = Pīpā
AR = Ravidās
ASū = Sūrdās
ASa = Sainu
Asad = Sadhnā
AT = Trilochan
The references can have three or four parts, the cipher after slash being the number of the line.

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