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01.08.2017 – Theodora Steiner joins the lab as research assistant.

14.07.2017 – Pre-print of our metabolomics study available on bioRxiv.
Kesnerova L, Mars RAT, Ellegaard KM, Troilo M, Sauer U, Engel P
Disentangling metabolic functions of bacteria in the honey bee gut

01.07.2017 – Diego Gonzalez joins the lab as visiting postdoc!

01.04.2017 – Sudip Das joins the lab as Postdoc in collaboration with the Marsland lab!

01.03.2017 – Silvia Brochet starts her PhD in our lab. Welcome!

16.02.2017 – New publication in Mol Ecol

01.02.2017 – German Bonilla Rosso starts his Postdoc in our lab!

03.01.2017 – Michael Troilo starts officially as a technician in our lab!

24.04.2016 – New publication in mBio!

01.03.2016 – Mathieu Clement starts his Master project!

10.11.2015 – New publication in IJSEM
Kešnerová L, Roxane M, Engel P
Bartonella apis sp. nov., a honey bee gut symbiont of the class Alphaproteobacteria

20.05.2015 – New publication in mBio
Engel P, Bartlett KD, Moran NA
The Bacterium Frischella perrara Causes Scab Formation in the Gut of its Honeybee Host

01.05.2015 – Maja Makaric joins the lab for a 4-moth internship!

01.03.2015 – Francisca Segers starts her Master thesis in our lab. Welcome!

19.12.2014 – New publication in Applied and Environmental Microbiology
Engel P, Vizcaino MI, Crawford JM
Gut Symbionts from Distinct Hosts Exhibit Genotoxic Activity via Divergent Colibactin Biosynthesis Pathways

01.12.2014 – Laurine Pellissier joins the lab for a 4-moth internship!

01.10.2014 – Roxane Moritz starts her MLS first-step project in our lab!

01.10.2014 – Lucie Kešnerovà joins the lab as a PhD student!

11.09.2014 – New publication in PLoS Genetics
Engel P, Stepanauskas R, Moran NA
Hidden diversity in honey bee gut symbionts detected by single-cell genomics

22.07.2014 – New publication in PNAS
Kwong WK, Engel P, Koch H, Moran NA
Genomics and host specialization of honey bee and bumble bee gut symbionts

20.06.2014 – New publication in JACS
Vizcaino MI, Engel P, Trautman E, Crawford JM
Comparative metabolomics and structural characterizations illuminate colibactin pathway-dependent small molecules

01.06.2014 – Olivier Emery joins the lab as a PhD student