Mixed zone

August 2016: Group Hike in the Jura, near Ste-Croix

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Spring 2016: Satellite@EPFL



IMG_3464 IMG_3461




January 2016: Winter Hike in the Jura, near Mont Tendre


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June 2015: Group Hike



August 2014: In the lab

Olivier picking bee larvae from a brood frame:


Berra (van der Meer/Kawecki lab) embedding tissue:


July 2014: Stingless bee tour in Queensland, Australia (during IUSSI2014):

StinglessBees StinglessBee_2 stingless_honey BejaminDainat

Tasting of honey produced by stingless bees…


July 2014: Bee keeping at UNIL

Apiary Christoph_beekeeper Tom_Beekeeper

April 2014: Our first two honey bee hives at the DMF.

Avec vue!