New Directions in Elite Studies

Le nouveau livre, co-édité par Felix Bühlmann, contient entre autres des contributions des membres de l’OBELIS Pedro Araujo, Thierry Rossier, Pierre Benz et Felix Bühlmann.

New Directions in Elite Studies attempts to move the social scientific study of elites beyond economic analysis, which has greatly improved our knowledge of inequality, but is restricted to income and wealth. In contrast, this book mobilizes a broad scope of research methods to uncover the social composition of the power elite – the ‘field of power’.

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Elites in Switzerland. The rise and fall of a model of elite coordination

Article de Felix Bühlmann, Marion Beetschen, Thomas David, Stéphanie Ginalski et André Mach dans la revue brésilienne Tempo social.


The aim of this article is to understand the recent transformations of Swiss elites. Based on a database of political, economic and administrative elites covering the whole twentieth century, we investigate the social background, education and coordination mechanisms of Swiss elites. We find that for a long time, they maintained their power through a combination of a socially narrow recruitment and a coordination model including the army as meeting place, a corporatist organisation of the economy and multipositionality between political and economic fields. As a result of the increasing internationalisation of managers of Swiss firms, this model of elite coordination has eroded since the 1990s and led to a (relatively) unpredictable transition phase.

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