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Swiss database of egodocuments is an instrument of research intended to help users to identify documents that would be interesting for their works. References of texts can be searched by keywords, title, subject, author, year or any combination of these terms.

Short biography gives the main information about the author. They have been found in dictionaries and other instruments of research. Some of these have been found in the text itself and were impossible to verify.

In the field «title», when you will find the letter (a), it means that the title is the original one chosen by the author. When there is the letter (f), the title has been written later. Very often, we have not been able to identify the writer of this title. When there isn’t a title in the text, we have written «w.t.».

Within the field «contents» you will find a brief summary of the text, based on a quick reading. Its length is variable and gives informations on the text and the writer.

In the field «Secondary works» you will find monographs, periodical articles, collections of essays or doctoral dissertations on the writer or his text. As for the field «edition»,«secondary work» hasn’t been systematically filled.

The abbreviation’s list of archives, libraries and museums that have been visited is available here.

Authorship of the database notices

UNIBAS and UNIL (see Presentation)

External contributors: Etienne HOFMANN (W. Regnault), Olivier PAVILLON (S. Guisan), Damiano BARDELLI (V. Burlamaqui ; W. Charrière de Sévery), Auguste BERTHOLET (J.-J. Polier de Bottens), Simone DE REYFF (François Pierre de Reynold), Damien BREGNARD (Carnet de route d’un soldat du régiment d’Eptingue)