Sponsorship package

Suppliers are offered the opportunity to attend the meeting and expose their products. A Sponsorship package is proposed at the rate of 1’150 CHF (ca. 1’000 EUR.) The package includes:

  • Advertisement

    • Description of the suppliers in a dedicated section of the website
      (required: a short description/200 words, a picture and a logo, sent by email)
    • Illustration of the company logo in the meeting proceedings
    • Acknowledgement during the meeting (Wednesday 05, before the first coffee break)

  • Suppliers exhibition

    • Exhibition area (10 square meters, equipped with a table and chairs)
      (note: additional exhibition area can be made available upon request – costs prorata)
    • Power sockets
      (required: number of power supplies needed + indication if a specific amperage is required)
    • Watched area by a security agent (during the night)

  • Participation to the meeting

    • Invitation to contribute to the visualisation workshop (if relevant) – further details to follow
    • Possibility to attend the meeting activities (see note below)
    • Possibility to attend the social event (see note below)
    • Certificate of attendance (delivered at the end of the meeting)

Note: the sponsorship package does not include the participation fees to the meeting, which are required for each member of the company (coffee breaks, meals, social event, …).