Call for papers for a volume of proceedings

We would like to take the opportunity of the 2018 EFPWG meeting to compile a volume of proceedings. We would like to follow the steps taken by the now famous International Symposium on Fingerprint Detection and Identification in Ne’Urim (Israel) in 1995. At that meeting, proceeding papers were asked from all speakers in order to disseminate the outcomes of the meeting to the fingerprint community. The papers were of various nature and length (some examples are presented below). The objective was essentially to share as much information as possible, by offering a lot of flexibility on the depth and scope of the papers published. Incidentally the Ne’Urim proceedings still count among the best conference proceedings in the fingerprint domain.

Examples of proceedings published at the Ne’Urim meeting (1995):

  • “Fingerprint Image Quality Issues”, by Barry J Blain [PDF file]
  • “Fluorescence Visualization of Latent Fingerprints on Paper using pDMAC”, by Robert Ramotowski [PDF file]
  • “One-Step Fluorescent Detection Method for Lipid Fingerprints”, by Della Wilkinson [PDF file]
  • “Forged Latent Prints”, by Sergey S. Samischenko [PDF file]

We would like to adopt the same strategy and we invite all presenters to submit a paper for the 2018 EFPWG proceedings. The type of paper can range, depending on your wish, from short case-reports, opinion papers, reports on failures, short scientific communications, small scale tests, quality assurance issues or research papers. The papers can cover any area of fingerprint detection and identification. Once again, the objective is to maximize the dissemination of information that would be useful for the fingerprint community. We invite submissions in English.

  • The papers will be peer-reviewed by an ad hoc editorial board composed of the members of the steering committee and the local organising committee.
  • The volume of proceedings will be published online shortly after the 2018 EFPWG conference.
  • We highly recommend to use the following template (EPFWG 2018 Paper Template) for the formatting and production of your submission. Please follow these instructions as closely as possible. It will help the editing process very much.

For participants interested, the procedure and deadlines are the following:

Step 1 – Announcing your interest to submit a paper >>> When submitting your abstract for a talk or a poster (see online registration), you will be asked if you want to write a manuscript that will be inserted in the Conference proceedings.
[Deadline for abstract submission: Saturday, 30th June 2018]

Step 2 – Submitting your paper >>> Once written, please send your paper at the following email address:
[Deadline for paper submission: Wednesday, 15th August 2018]

Note: the submission of a proceeding is open to all participants presenting a contribution (talk or paper). Even if the final type of your contribution will be confirmed by mid-July, it will have no impact on the writing and submission of your paper.